Chris Blevins and Cameron Mason

Trinity Racing
4 March | 07:00 PM SAST

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4 March 2021

Racing under the Trinity Racing banner, Christopher Blevins and Cameron Mason are one of the most exciting duos on the circuit at the moment. Blevins is U23 World Champs silver medallist while Mason is a cyclocross specialist who’s joined Trinity Racing for their first season at UCI level.


Adventure Stache

Join Payson McElveen, host of the Adventure Stache Podcast, and Zwift! Ride with some of the best Absa Cape Epic riders while listening to their stories of victory, upset, and surprise. 

Payson, as you probably know, is no slouch. The 2x Marathon National Champion has raced in far off places like Argentina and Mongolia. And when he turns up at his hometown training race in Durango, Colorado, he often goes head to head with racing legends like Ned Overend, Todd Wells, and Sepp Kuss. That’s a long way of saying he has as many stories as he has cans of Red Bull in his garage. 

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