Stage 1

Presented by Oakley
7-8 March

Ride this stage

7-8 March 2021

Total Distance: 16.9km | Climbing: 190m

There will be multiple opportunities across two days to ride this stage, view more details here.

Please note: to feature in the results, please ensure you are registered with Zwift Power.

Presented by Oakley

Route Detail

Whole Lotta Lava

We begin with a 4.6km (2.9 mile) lead-in from the starting pens (Strava segment here).

Once you ride through the Volcano Circuit start/finish banner the actual route begins, taking you around 2/3 of the standard Volcano Circuit CCW route. But instead of completing the circuit you’ll hang a left onto the Volcano KOM, ride up to the top, then descend back to sea level. Only then is it time to complete your Volcano Circuit CCW lap!

When you ride through the start/finish banner you’ve completed your first lap of “Whole Lotta Lava”. For Stage 1 of the Virtual Absa Cape Epic, you will do two loops so don’t burn all your matches on lap 1!

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