Stage 4

Presented by Assos
13-14 March

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13-14 March 2021

Total Distance: 26.5km | Climbing: 205m

There will be multiple opportunities across two days to ride this stage, view more details here.

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Route Detail

Serpentine 8

Credit: Zwift Insider

You’ll begin with a downhill lead-in from the Jungle pens, starting on tarmac (the only pavement on this route!) then changing to dirt. Partway down the Jungle Circuit descent you turn left onto the Mayan Bridge road, which twists and rolls over dirt, brick, and wood sections.

These ruins are quite elaborate and a bit mysterious – word is Zwift may have some sort of steering game planned here in the future!

Climb your way out of the Mayan Bridge section and continue your descent to the bottom of the circuit. When you ride through the Jungle start/finish banner you begin the actual Serpentine 8 route.

The route begins on the Circuit in the clockwise direction, climbing up past the turnoff to the Alpe, around the top of the Circuit, and over the rope bridge before beginning the descent portion of the Circuit. Partway down this descent you will turn right onto the Mayan Bridge road, first descending in then climbing out (it is a bridge over water, after all).

Then it’s a left turn back on to the Circuit, descending past the Alpe turnoff and riding through the start/finish banner in the counter-clockwise direction. It’s time to climb again – up this side of the Circuit, over the rope bridge, and descending down (wave hello to the sloth) before turning left onto the Mayan Bridge, like we did for the lead-in.

Complete the bridge section, turn right to descend the rest of the Circuit, then go all-in for a fast finish over the line. Well done!

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Whilst endlessly researching aerodynamics on the bike in the wind tunnel, Toni soon came to realize that the clothing the riders were wearing was in fact the main cause of drag. At this point, Toni turned his attention to clothing and invented the first Lycra® cycling shorts. This invention led to pro teams paying to wear ASSOS shorts during the Tour de France and to date, ASSOS is proud to have played a role in more than 350 gold medals at world championships and Olympic games.

Phil Duff is the CEO of ASSOS and also took part in the race last year: “Cape Epic is truly a world class event in the cycling calendar. There’s no disputing how challenging this race is but what really makes the difference between success and failure is having the correct apparel. Once you’re comfortable on the bike, it’s just the gruelling seven stages you have to worry about!”

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